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Black ! © Jillinblue aka Imajill

Mask © Jillinblue aka Imajill

There’s Nobody Watching
A new photo with the great Jill

Jill by the great Paul Dominique Angier aka Lafeticheria ;)
Projection … intemporel © Jillinblue aka Imajill
Projection of love © Jillinblue aka Imajill
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:: All our best wishes for 2014 :: Jill & Toph ~

With Jill.
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Imajill by Lafeticheria

Light Thief.
Once More with the great Jill.

♡ Imajill by Lafeticheria ♡
Chic ! I’m on the last issue #41 of Nylonzine. I’ve the pleasure to answer about tango, high heels and stockings.
You can obtain this last issue if you sign-up the mailing list !
A bon entendeur … ;)
Blue heart ♡ © Jillinblue aka Imajill
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supersharkman asked: Congratulations on 200 followers. I really enjoy following your tumble and I especially enjoy your photos. :-)

Oh thanks a lot for following this more personal blog. And like it with your reblogs and “likes” Sweet kisses ♡